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Celebrity OnlyFans

Ever wondered which stars have dipped their toes into the world of OnlyFans? It’s a platform that’s seen an array of famous faces, some of whom may surprise you! From musicians to actors, both male and female celebrities have embraced the opportunity to connect with their fans on a more personal level. In this article, we’ll explore who’s currently sharing exclusive content and who has since moved on from the platform. Get ready to uncover some unexpected names and perhaps find your next favorite account to follow!

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Female celebrities with an OnlyFans account

Iggy Azalea (@iggyazalea)

Iggy Azalea, the Australian rapper known for her bold style and chart-topping hits, took a surprising turn when she joined OnlyFans in January 2023. Not one to shy away from reinvention, Iggy uses the platform to showcase a more intimate and unfiltered side of her artistry. Dubbed ‘Hotter Than Hell,’ her OnlyFans project is not just about exclusive photos and videos—it’s an entire multimedia experience that promises to blend music, visuals, and personal storytelling over the course of a year. By embracing this platform, Iggy has created a unique space to engage with her audience on her own terms, offering content that’s as daring and groundbreaking as her music.

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Amber Rose (@amberrose)

Diving into the OnlyFans scene, Amber Rose has turned the platform into her personal canvas, showcasing a blend of raw and refined content since September 2020. Known for breaking barriers and challenging societal norms, Amber uses OnlyFans to extend her advocacy for body positivity and feminist ideals. Her account features everything from exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses to heartfelt discussions, all aimed at fostering a deeper connection with her audience. This bold move allows her to control her narrative and engage with fans on a level that transcends traditional media’s boundaries.

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Danielle Bregoli (@bhadbhabie)

Since debuting on OnlyFans right after her 18th birthday in April 2021, Danielle Bregoli, known widely as Bhad Bhabie, has taken her brand in a bold new direction. Known initially for her viral “Cash me ousside” catchphrase, Bhad Bhabie has used the platform to not only share insights into her personal and professional life but also to explore more mature and provocative content. Her approach leverages her headline-making ability, directly engaging with a fanbase eager to see this new side of her. This pivot has proven lucrative, with reports of earning over $1 million on her first day, illustrating her powerful draw and the keen interest of her followers in her content evolution.

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Tana Mongeau (@tanamongeau)

Tana Mongeau, a figure synonymous with controversy and unfiltered storytelling, has carved out a distinctive niche on OnlyFans since joining. Unlike traditional content creators who often maintain a polished persona, Tana embraces the chaotic, raw, and real aspects of her lifestyle, bringing her followers along for the ride. Her OnlyFans content ranges from exclusive personal stories to more risqué and provocative posts, reflecting her bold approach to social media fame. Tana’s presence on the platform is an extension of her YouTube persona—unapologetically open and always pushing boundaries, which has consistently attracted a dedicated viewership eager for her next move.



Denise Richards (@deniserichards)

Venturing into new digital realms, Denise Richards followed in her daughter’s footsteps by joining OnlyFans in June 2022, showcasing a supportive and open-minded approach to the platform’s possibilities. Her content elegantly blends lifestyle glimpses with personal anecdotes, providing fans with a unique mix of authenticity and glamour. As she takes control of her narrative in this digital space, Denise engages with her audience on a level that respects both her boundaries and her longstanding charisma, offering a deeper connection and a fresh perspective on her life today.


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Larsa Pippen (@larsapippen)

Embracing the digital spotlight, Larsa Pippen carved out her own niche on OnlyFans after gaining fame as a television personality and through her high-profile relationships. Her entry into this platform in May 2021 offered her the opportunity to control her portrayal and connect with fans beyond the tabloid headlines. Larsa’s content mix—which includes everything from lifestyle insights to exclusive photo shoots—reflects her multifaceted personality and her desire to engage with her audience in a more personal, empowered manner.



Carmen Electra (@carmenelectra)

Carmen Electra turned heads when she joined OnlyFans in May 2022, a platform she embraced as a new stage for self-expression. Known for her roles in popular ’90s television shows and as a glamour icon, Electra uses the platform to share more than just her enduring allure. Her content includes personal storytelling intertwined with lifestyle and fitness tips, offering a holistic view of her life today. By joining OnlyFans, Carmen extends an invitation to fans to explore a side of her that’s often been overshadowed by her public image, bridging her past celebrity with her current passions and pursuits.



Trisha Paytas (@trishyland)

Trisha Paytas, a trailblazer in sharing unfiltered personal content on YouTube, has seamlessly extended their provocative and uncensored style to OnlyFans. Since joining in early 2020, Trisha has turned their page into a bastion of raw, unedited expression, where they push boundaries with adult-oriented content that goes beyond the limits of mainstream social media. On OnlyFans, Trisha continues to engage their audience with a mix of explicit posts and candid personal revelations, mirroring the controversy and openness that have defined their YouTube career.

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Male celebrities with an OnlyFans account

DJ Khaled and Fat Joe (@djkhaledandfatjoe)

In a surprising twist, music moguls DJ Khaled and Fat Joe teamed up to launch a joint OnlyFans account at the beginning of 2021. Known for their influential roles in the hip-hop industry, the duo decided to explore this platform to offer fans a unique glimpse into their everyday lives. Their OnlyFans content revolves around motivational talks, personal anecdotes, and behind-the-scenes footage of their music production processes. This collaboration highlights their charismatic partnership and extends their presence from the music studios to personal interactions, providing subscribers with uplifting content and a dose of real-life luxury and laughter.



Austin Mahone (@austinmahone)

Austin Mahone, initially known for his pop hits and strong teen fanbase, took a bold step into new creative territory by joining OnlyFans in October 2020. On this platform, Austin reveals a more mature and unguarded side, sharing exclusive music content, personal life updates, and provocative photo shoots that showcase his evolution from a teen idol to a multifaceted artist. This strategic move not only redefines his image but also deepens his connection with fans, allowing them to see the breadth of his talent and personality beyond the pop stage.



Safaree Samuels (@iamsafaree)

Branching out from his role as a rapper and TV personality, Safaree Samuels took to OnlyFans in 2020, seizing it as a platform to express facets of himself that the public eye rarely sees. On OnlyFans, Safaree combines his flair for entertainment with a more intimate interaction, offering fans a mix of music previews, fitness routines, and bold, revealing photos. It’s a space where Safaree blurs the lines between his public persona and private life, inviting fans into a world filled with both music and personal revelations.



Kyle Krieger (@kylekrieger)

Kyle Krieger, known for his expertise in grooming and his candid discussions about life and identity on social media, has taken his storytelling to OnlyFans. Joining the platform has allowed Kyle to offer a more unfiltered view of his daily routines, fitness sessions, and the thoughtful moments that shape his perspective. By sharing a mix of personal stories, professional tips, and visually striking content, he creates a unique space for followers who appreciate his artistic vision and candid authenticity. Kyle’s OnlyFans presence is an extension of his commitment to sharing his journey openly, with an emphasis on beauty, wellness, and personal growth.

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Chris Salvatore (@chrissalvatore)

Chris Salvatore, an actor and musician known for his open-hearted engagement with fans, takes his authenticity a step further on OnlyFans. Since joining, he has not shied away from sharing both the polished and raw edges of his life, including content that features nudity. This bold approach allows him to explore artistic expression in its most unfiltered form, offering a mix of intimate musical performances, candid life discussions, and visually revealing posts.

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Which female celebrities had accounts on OnlyFans?

Cardi B - American rapper

Cardi B, never one to shy away from the limelight, once graced OnlyFans with her vibrant and unapologetic persona. Though her account is no longer active, during her time on the platform, she offered fans an exclusive peek behind the scenes of her dynamic life. Known for her candidness and humor, Cardi used OnlyFans to share personal updates, behind-the-scenes footage from her music videos, and honest, unfiltered opinions on various topics. This stint on OnlyFans was a testament to her commitment to remaining accessible to her fans, providing a raw and real window into the superstar’s everyday moments and thoughts.

Celebrity OnlyFans Cardi B

Blac Chyna - American model

Celebrity OnlyFans Blac Chyna

Achieving unprecedented success on OnlyFans, Blac Chyna, the reality TV star and entrepreneur, set the record for the platform’s monthly earnings by reportedly making $20 million per month. During her time on OnlyFans, she leveraged her bold and unapologetic persona to connect with fans through exclusive content. This included behind-the-scenes moments, beauty tips, and provocative photoshoots. Although her account is no longer active, Blac Chyna’s brief stint showcased her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to monetize her fame. Her impact on OnlyFans was significant, setting new standards for celebrity earnings and digital engagement.

Bella Thorne - Former Disney star

Known for her versatile career as an actress, singer, and director, Bella Thorne took many by surprise when she joined OnlyFans. The former Disney star, who has successfully transitioned to more mature roles, generated over $1 million on her first day on the platform. Bella used OnlyFans to share exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes glimpses of her projects and personal updates, offering fans a deeper connection with her creative journey. Bella has decided to step away from OnlyFans to concentrate on her personal projects.

Celebrity OnlyFans Bella Thorne

Which male celebrities were on OnlyFans?

Tyga - American rapper

Celebrity OnlyFans Tyga

Rapper and entrepreneur, Tyga made waves when he joined OnlyFans, using the platform to offer fans an unprecedented look into his lifestyle. Known for his chart-topping hits and dynamic public persona, Tyga generated substantial interest by sharing a mix of exclusive music previews, behind-the-scenes footage, and provocative content. His account quickly became one of the most talked-about on the platform, reportedly earning $7 million per month, underscoring his ability to engage fans in new and unexpected ways. Despite his success, Tyga chose to leave OnlyFans, shifting his focus to expand other entrepreneurial endeavors and personal projects.

Chris Brown - Singer and dancer

In an unexpected move, Chris Brown joined OnlyFans, offering a new platform for fans to engage with his work beyond mainstream music and performance. Known for his multi-faceted talent in singing, dancing, and art, Chris provided an exclusive glimpse into his creative process and lifestyle, sharing content that ranged from music previews to personal artwork. His foray into OnlyFans reflected his willingness to explore different media and connect with his audience on a more personal level. However, Chris eventually stepped back from the platform to prioritize other aspects of his career and artistic endeavors.

Celebrity OnlyFans Chris Brown

Aaron Carter - American singer

Celebrity OnlyFans Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter, once a teen pop sensation, ventured into OnlyFans, where he shared a mix of music updates, personal vlogs, and candid photos, offering fans an intimate look at his life. While his OnlyFans account has since been deactivated, his time on the platform was marked by an earnest attempt to engage with fans on a personal level and share his journey in a raw, unedited format. Aaron’s decision to leave OnlyFans was in line with shifting his focus towards personal development and other professional projects.

Tyler Posey - American actor

On OnlyFans, Tyler Posey offered his fans an unfiltered view into his multifaceted life. Best known for his role in popular television series, Tyler used the platform to showcase his talents beyond acting, including musical performances and personal storytelling. His content often blurred the lines between his public persona and private experiences, providing fans with a raw and intimate portrait of his everyday life. His departure from OnlyFans aligned with a renewed focus on his acting career and music projects.

Celebrity OnlyFans Tyler Posey

Should a celebrity have an OnlyFans account?

While not every celebrity needs to jump on the OnlyFans bandwagon, those who do often recognize the unique potential of the platform. Celebrities with an established fanbase find it relatively easier to succeed on OnlyFans because much of the groundwork for building an audience has already been laid. This makes it straightforward for them to monetize exclusive content that can’t be found elsewhere. On OnlyFans, celebrities are able to sell media and exclusive content directly to their fans without the need to justify higher prices, as their followers are typically willing to pay a premium for a closer look into their lives. This direct-to-consumer model is not only lucrative but also accelerates their ability to generate significant revenue quickly and efficiently.

OnlyFans provides a platform where celebrities can express themselves in ways that might not be possible through more traditional media channels. Whether it’s sharing behind-the-scenes content, personal life updates, or creative projects that fans wouldn’t otherwise see, OnlyFans offers a space for deeper engagement and connection with their audience. Thus, while having an OnlyFans account is not mandatory for every celebrity, it does offer a valuable opportunity for those looking to expand their brand and interact with their fanbase on a more personal and financially beneficial level.

Are all the best celebrities on OnlyFans?

The simple answer is no—not all top-tier celebrities are on OnlyFans, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Various reasons influence a celebrity’s decision to join or avoid this platform. For some, their public image may not align with the personal and often intimate nature of OnlyFans. Others might not feel ready to handle the direct and sometimes intense interactions that come with such a platform, or they may fear the potential prejudices and criticisms associated with it. Moreover, managing an OnlyFans account requires a significant amount of time and effort. Creating content that is personal and engaging enough to warrant a subscription fee is no small feat. Just like not every celebrity chooses to be active on platforms like Twitter or Instagram, the same goes for OnlyFans.

However, it’s important to recognize that OnlyFans is becoming less stigmatized and is increasingly seen as a legitimate platform within the social media landscape. As it continues to grow, more celebrities are finding it a valuable tool to connect with their audience in a controlled and monetizable way. Those who do join often announce their presence through their existing social media channels, inviting fans to sign up on OnlyFans and follow them. As the platform evolves, it could become a more common space for celebrities, raising the question: Is your favorite celebrity the next to join OnlyFans?

Essential tips for success on OnlyFans

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