OnlyFans Release Form: What You Must Know

OnlyFans Release Form

Are you planning to share content on OnlyFans that features not just you but also one or more additional individuals? Whether you’ve been formally notified by OnlyFans or have simply caught wind of the term, the OnlyFans release form is crucial and requires your attention. This article will comprehensively guide you through everything you need to understand about these forms. If you’re navigating through the complexities of co-creating content, this piece will ensure you’re well-prepared and fully compliant, making the process as smooth as possible.

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What are release forms on OnlyFans?

The term “release form” might sound daunting, but it’s actually a straightforward and essential procedure for anyone posting content on platforms like OnlyFans. Much like in many other domains, a release form serves as a formal agreement between parties to ensure all legal and ethical standards are met—OnlyFans is no exception. For those new to OnlyFans, discovering the necessity of these forms can be surprising. In the realm of OnlyFans, these individuals appearing in your content are referred to as “co-stars.” This term encompasses anyone who can be seen or heard in your photos, videos, audio recordings, or any other form of content you upload. This could be your partner, another creator you’re collaborating with, or a model you’ve hired for your shoots. This process is particularly relevant for OnlyFans couples, who often share content featuring both partners.

It’s crucial for OnlyFans to verify that everyone featured in your profile is over 18 and has consented to having their images or videos published on the platform. This is a fundamental requirement to prevent the accidental hosting of content featuring minors, which is a serious legal and ethical violation. To comply with these requirements, OnlyFans mandates that your co-stars fill out and sign a release form. These forms are also commonly referred to as OnlyFans consent forms. They serve a dual purpose: proving that your co-stars are of legal age and that they have agreed to be featured in your content, which might be used for commercial purposes.

Imagine it this way: signing a release form is akin to sealing a pact that ensures everyone involved is on the same page, legally and ethically. This step is crucial not just for the legality of the content but also for maintaining the trust and professionalism of your OnlyFans business venture. Even a mere glimpse of a hand or a snippet of a voice in your content requires this level of diligence; OnlyFans has systems in place to detect any such elements, ensuring that all content on the platform is compliant with its stringent guidelines.

When should you use an OnlyFans release form?

Understanding when to use an OnlyFans release form is crucial for creators to manage their content and legal responsibilities effectively. If you’re a solo creator who exclusively posts content featuring only yourself, the need for a release form does not apply to you. Similarly, if your content includes other OnlyFans creators who already have verified accounts, you can bypass the release form by simply tagging their OnlyFans profiles in your posts.

Tagging a verified OnlyFans account is straightforward: include the “@” symbol followed by their username, or you might add the full URL (e.g., to create a link that connects directly to their profile at the bottom of your post. This method satisfies the platform’s requirements by using the built-in feature to acknowledge their participation and confirm their consent through their verified status.

However, the situation becomes more complex when dealing with unverified co-stars or participants who are not registered OnlyFans creators. In these cases, using an OnlyFans release form becomes not just important, but mandatory. If you choose to post content that includes other individuals who do not have verified OnlyFans accounts, you must have them fill out and sign a release form beforehand. This is a critical step to ensure that all participants are legally consenting to have their images or videos shared on the platform, and it serves as a safeguard against the inclusion of minors or non-consenting adults.

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Where can I find the release form on OnlyFans?

If your content features anyone other than yourself, and particularly if those featured do not have their own verified OnlyFans accounts, it’s imperative to understand where and how to obtain the necessary release forms. To obtain a release form, you must first have a creator account on OnlyFans and pass the necessary verification checks. Once your creator profile is set up and verified, accessing the release forms is straightforward:

Navigate to your account settings – Click on the “More” option, then select “Release forms.” This section is designed specifically for managing the legal aspects of content creation involving other individuals.

Once there, OnlyFans provides two main approaches for managing co-star permissions: “Invite new user” or “New release form.” These options cater to different scenarios depending on whether your co-star is planning to join OnlyFans or just participate in your content.

Invite new user (account creation required)

This option on OnlyFans is ideal if your co-star is willing to create their own OnlyFans account. Upon choosing the “Invite new user” from the “Release forms” section of your OnlyFans settings, you’ll be asked to input the name of your co-star. This helps you keep track of who you have invited and ensures that all links are correctly allocated. OnlyFans then generates a unique invitation link that you can send to your co-star. This link is crucial—it allows them to directly access the OnlyFans sign-up page, where they can start the registration process. The link remains valid for 21 days, giving your co-star plenty of time to set up their account at their convenience.

Upon clicking the link, your co-star is taken through the standard OnlyFans sign-up procedure, which includes a crucial identity verification step. They will need to upload a government-issued ID and a selfie with that ID. This step is vital for OnlyFans to verify the age and identity of all users on the platform, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and maintaining platform integrity. Once the sign-up and verification processes are completed, your co-star will automatically be added to your list of co-stars within the “Release forms” section of your account. From there, you can easily manage their participation in your content. It’s important to note that this process should be repeated for each individual who will appear in your content. You must generate and send unique links to each person, ensuring that every co-star is properly verified and authorized to participate in your productions.

New release form (account creation not required)

If your co-star is reluctant to create an OnlyFans account or for security reasons, such as them deciding to deactivate their account in the future, using the “New release form” ensures that the content you produced together remains intact. It’s crucial to have the OnlyFans release form PDF for this procedure since it’s not readily available on their website. You can download it from the link below, or contact OnlyFans support to get one.

OnlyFans Release Form Document
Once the form has been filled out by your co-star, click on “Create New Release Form” and then “Upload Signed Release Form” on the platform. You’ll need to provide photos of a valid government-issued ID of the person featured in your content. This includes a photo of the participant holding their ID next to their face, ensuring the entire face and all four corners of the ID are visible. The image must not be cropped, edited, or altered in any way to avoid any issues with the verification process. After completing these steps, attach this signed release form to all media featuring that person. There’s no need to attach a new form for each piece of content; one form per co-star is sufficient. This form will be saved in the “Release forms” section of your account for future use, accessible via

How to fill out OnlyFans release form pdf

Completing the OnlyFans release form PDF is a straightforward process that requires specific information to ensure compliance with platform guidelines. Here’s what you need to include in the form:

  1. Legal Name of the Account Holder and Username: This ensures that the form is linked to the correct OnlyFans account, thereby maintaining proper accountability and traceability.

  2. Legal Name and Date of Birth of the Participant: These details must be clearly stated. The date of birth should be formatted in English using the mm/dd/yy format, which helps in verifying the age and legality of the content.

  3. ID or Passport Number of the Participant: Including the ID or passport number adds an additional layer of identity verification, crucial for adhering to legal standards.

  4. Participant’s Signature and Date of Authorization: The form must be signed by the participant, indicating their consent on the specified date. This signature must be handwritten to comply with OnlyFans’ requirements for authentic consent.

How To Fill Out OnlyFans Release Form PDF
For filling out the form, it is recommended to print the PDF, complete it manually, and then scan the filled document to maintain the integrity of the handwritten signatures. Alternatively, you can use online PDF editing tools like Sejda to fill out the form digitally. However, make sure the final signature is still physically signed by hand and scanned into the document to meet the authenticity criteria set by OnlyFans. This method ensures that the release form is correctly filled out and legally binding, safeguarding both the content creator and the platform.

The consequences if you do not submit the OnlyFans model release form

If you fail to submit an OnlyFans model release form for content featuring other individuals, you could face serious consequences. OnlyFans rigorously enforces its policies to ensure all persons appearing in content are of legal age and have consented to their image being used, and it acts quickly when rules are not followed. If OnlyFans detects content with unverified co-stars who are not accompanied by the required release forms, they issue a notification stating you have 48 hours to resolve the issue. This notification will instruct you to either verify your co-stars through their own OnlyFans accounts or upload a properly signed model release form. If you do not comply within the 48-hour window, the platform will remove the content in question.

This quick action underscores the importance of adhering to OnlyFans’ guidelines to keep your content active and your account in good standing. Repeated failures to comply can lead to stricter penalties, including possible restrictions on your account or even a ban. Though outright bans for a first offense are rare, the threat of having your content removed should be taken seriously. Additionally, if you depend on collaborators who have their accounts on OnlyFans, it’s critical to ensure they do not deactivate their accounts. If a verified user deletes their profile, the associated verifications vanish, requiring you to obtain and upload a signed release form for any past content they appeared in to avoid its removal.

Can you cancel an OnlyFans release form?

Once a person has signed an OnlyFans release form, they have effectively relinquished their rights over the content and cannot revoke their authorization for its use on the creator’s page. This is a standard procedure across various forms of media and modeling: release forms act as legally binding contracts in which the signer agrees that their image may be used in specific ways. If you are a co-star who has signed such a form and later decide you no longer wish to appear in the content, your options are limited. Ideally, you would ask the content creator to remove the content. While the creator has the right to deny this request, they might comply if presented with a compelling reason.

In scenarios where your participation was based solely on your OnlyFans account, removing your account can indirectly revoke your authorization. In such cases, OnlyFans might approach the content creator to secure a new release form or remove the content if it cannot be legally maintained without your continued consent. However, it’s important to note that negotiating the removal of content can be complicated, especially if the content is particularly popular or generates significant revenue. The content creator might face financial losses by removing it, which could lead to negotiations involving compensation.

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